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Peter Djuric, Founder
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We are the innovative credit repair leaders when it comes to results. Our proprietary methods and the solutions they deliver allow consumers, mortgage lenders and auto finance dealers to get down to business.

We don’t promise we can rewrite your credit history. But we do promise to provide the skilled insights needed to help lift your credit score to where it needs to be — so you can purchase that home, refinance at a lower rate, or get the car you’ve negotiated a great deal on. And we produce our results within thirty calendar days — and often much sooner. Our turnaround times are truly unparalleled in the industry.

Let our credit specialists review your personal credit history and advise you whether your score can be improved, and how long it would take. While other credit repair companies typically need at least 45 days just to finish their first round of disputes, and then want more time for additional rounds — we are set up to produce the results you need in the shortest possible time frame. Our typical client will see real results in as little as five business days. The average time it takes to dramatically boost a client’s credit score and allow them to complete their target purchase is just 2-4 weeks.

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Why Pro Credit Repair, LLC.​

Work directly with the owner, Certified in Credit Restoration, Credit Score Models and Optimization.

Speed of providing results — a shorter time frame to success than all other credit repair companies.

Custom tailored approach for every client.

Treating each client with respect. 

Free Credit Evaluations.

Results-based pricing, and with permanent results.