About Us

Mission Statement

To maximize consumers’ ability to realize their full purchasing power under the best available terms and conditions — including life insurance, homeowner’s insurance, credit cards, mortgages, and auto purchase/leasing. Our service will optimize the way creditors view your credit profile and extend financing terms and conditions.

Why Pro Credit Repair, LLC

Our clients need our services most when they are in the process of trying to complete a purchase — and have stumbled upon credit hurdles preventing them from completing the transaction or getting favorable terms. We quickly and efficiently solve their problems so they may complete their purchase with the smallest amount of delay, and with results that often exceed their expectations.

In light of the current economy and credit markets — our service is more valuable than ever, as we offer you the ability to qualify for more financing options at better terms.

  • Work directly with the owner, Certified in Credit Restoration, Credit Score Models and Optimizations.
  • Free credit evaluations.
  • Custom tailored approach for every client.
  • Speed of providing results — a shorter time frame to success than all other credit repair companies.
  • A true consumer-oriented company with customer satisfaction our #1 priority.
  • Results-based pricing, and with permanent results.

A more personalized experience when dealing with Pro Credit Repair, LLC. We treat each client like they are family.