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Mortgage Bankers

Finding a client with enough income and assets to qualify for a home purchase — but who then falls short on his or her credit score — is a very frustrating experience.

An recent independent study revealed that over 60% of people now can’t get approved due to the tightening in credit markets. We know the difficulties bankers currently face. We also know you may be skeptical about the credit repair industry given the myths associated with it.

But FICO requirements will more than likely continue to tighten in the near future. And while our service can’t help every client with a low FICO score — we do have expertise when it comes to evaluating a person’s credit and whether or not we actually can help.

Furthermore, you will find us very responsive when we’ve received a client’s credit report along with an assessment of the FICO score you need to make a deal work.

We have tremendous success in removing single late payments and collections, paid or unpaid. In our experience, the removal of just two paid collections can boost a client’s credit score by over 90 points.

Please take time to get to know us and what we do. We’d love to work together with you in providing solutions.