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Kathy Raczynska

Super personable team, very quick, efficient, and transparent. Most certainly would recommend them!! Thanks guys - well done!

Alex Daoud


In today’s fast paced, fragile financial world with all of its critical uncertainties, our credit scores are the crucial lifelines for economic survival and success. For several months I attempted in vain to clear my credit scores from fallacious and faulty deleterious information. Finally, out of desperation and frustration my accountant highly recommended procreditrepair.com. Immediately Peter Djuric answered my phone call and began to instantly rectify the numerous mistakes that had debilitated my credit scores. In addition to quickly repairing my financial history he uncovered falsified credit cards and charges that were never made by me. In reward for his assistance, I sent him a copy of my book and he actually read it all 513 pages. To paraphrase my favorite performer Tina Turner, “HE IS SIMPLY THE BEST, BETTER THAN ALL THE REST.

Alex Daoud
Author Sins of South Beach

Emily Ponder

I'd highly recommend Peter and Pro Credit Repair - I was very impressed with his service! Even though credit and finances can be sensitive topics, I felt comfortable through the entire process. I found Peter to be trustworthy, knowledgeable, patient, and very professional. I'm grateful for Peter's work, and thankful for his expert guidance. I would absolutely recommend Peter to anyone in need of credit repair services.

Sarah Kolkman

I am an average person; married, dual income, raising kids and living on a tight budget. There was a time that commitments were overlooked and our credit was impacted. When the time came to upgrade our current home, a few hiccups from our previous life prevented us from moving forward. Then I was introduced to Peter from Pro Credit Repair. Peter is results driven and provides a clear and precise plan upfront, I always knew what was expected of me and when.

I just locked in my 15 year fixed mortgage at 2.25%. Acknowledging where you are financially is the hardest part of this journey, Peter and his team will do the rest.

Shelley Beeson

Peter was fantastic! He helped my credit score significantly! As a single mom, credit scores are difficult to understand and navigate. He was excellent, professional, quick to respond and deliver results. I highly recommend! My dream is to be a home owner one day soon with my children. Thank you Pro Credit Repair!

Laura Quijano

Peter went above and beyond to help me repair my credit. He resolved some of my issues in under two weeks. I recommend to anyone that is looking for someone efficient and knowledgeable in credit repair to reach out to Peter

Raj Dalal

Truly an amazing service. I met Peter through a referral through my mortgage lender and all I can say is, they simply are the best at what they do. I had a big factor on my credit report weighing me down for locking in a good interest rate for my home and they were so dedicated to helping me remove the delinquency. I had a very tight deadline and they were able to help and continue to help improve my credit. Definitely recommend using Pro Credit Repair, LLC for your financial peace of mind. Thank you so much!!

Steve Ward

I was having trouble with my credit so I gave these guys a call and spoke with Peter. After following the advice he gave me I was able to get my credit from nothing to 750 in 2 months. I highly suggest contacting Peter if you have any issues with your own credit. This really does work and he is very professional.


I was referred to Pro Credit Repair by my mortgage lender to assist me with increasing my credit score. I spoke directly with the owner. He was professional and knowledgable in terms of credit and how we could improve my number. He advised me to do a few things and he said he would talk with me in about two weeks. I did what I was asked and he immediately started working on my file with a dedicated case manager. I received several notifications over the two weeks from various companies that items were removed and MyFico would send me periodic messages as to any changes to my report. At the end of the two weeks, the owner professionally followed up with me. We pulled my new scores and my numbers were up 50-80 points. It was awesome!!! THIS WILL CHANGE MY LIFE. I can now accomplish my goals. Thank you Pro Credit Repair LLC!!!

Jennifer Parks

My mortgage broker recommended these guys when I was looking to improve my score for an auto purchase. I liked it that they were upfront about options and expectations and, best of all, I could pay them to do the legwork and letter writing for me. Who has time for all that? I was happy with my results and would recommend them. Also, they have been helpful for subsequent questions and minor things such as getting old addresses removed from my credit file.

Megan H

We had one hiccup on our credit report that was preventing us from obtaining the mortgage rate we desired. Our lender put us in touch with Peter and he was absolutely amazing. Sets clear expectations and went above and beyond our best case scenario. Highest recommendations!

Daniel P Dozier

Great team and great value for the work they did to help repair my report that had a frustrating issue that no one else had been able to solve. Thank you Peter and team for everything you did to help me get back on the road of credit recovery! You're the best.

Kanav Kariya

Peter and team are both empathetic and effective

Timothy Lang

I was recommended to Pro Credit Repair from my Mortgage Company after we realized an issue with my credit. Our closing was in less than a month and we were panicked. I spoke with Peter who, after discussing the situation (unpaid medical bills), said he should be able to fix it before the last day to pull credit. He got to working and said that it was it would be about 7-10 days. The day after that email, Peter reached out to say everything was fixed and that the Mortgage Company should pull my credit again to confirm. They did and everything was back to normal! Peter fixed my credit score in less than a week. I was shocked that it happened so quickly!

Peter was extremely professional and I would recommend using him and his company to anyone who needs help with their credit score.

Daniella G

I fell into an untimely situation where my score dropped right before entering in a new home purchase. Peter and team were diligent and relentless to get my score back, in fact better than it was before. Pro Credit Repair services are worth every penny, as I ultimately saved hundreds on my monthly mortgage payment, and thousands on closing costs. Can't thank them enough! - DG

Sam Rafati

Super fast results. Was extremely helpful and came thru on all promises. Hope to never need this kind of service again. But I now where to go now!! Thanks Peter.

Cory Peltzer

I worked with Peter who was referred by a friend. Absolutely stunning results with professionalism and short timeline. I have already recommended him to 6 others!

Sandra S. & Jesus V.

We are extremely satisfied with the professionalism and the efficiency, as well as the manner in which Pro Credit Repair LLC, assisted us with our credit problems. What seemed like a difficult problem to resolve, Peter, from Pro Credit Repair LLC, not only fixed our issue, but he did it with such speed and effort that we had over 100+ point increase in our credit score. We were so pleased with his services, that we recommended Pro Credit Repair LLC, to other friends and family members.

Matthew Alan Crist

Peter worked very hard on my behalf to resolve a baseless credit issue that I had tried to fix but was unable to. Throughout the process, Peter was nothing other than professional, responsive, and quick. Importantly, he got the result I needed at a reasonable price. This really helped me secure a low interest rate on a house that I am buying. Thanks again, Peter.

Lou C

Peter helped me clean up my credit and raised my score a whopping 80 points! In about 2 weeks, Peter completed his work just in time for me to secure an interest rate for my mortgage that was 0.5% lower. All this at a very reasonable price considering the money I'll save in the long run. Thanks Peter!

Ashley and Bob

Although we had what was considered a strong credit score, we were just out of reach of the best interest rates and mortgage options we desired. Peter was terrific at identifying what was negatively effecting our credit score and he was clear on what documentation was needed for him to effectively dispute the ratings with the credit bureaus. He also talked thru options so that we could achieve the desired results most efficiently as we had a hard deadline with the process of our mortgage refi. We'd highly recommend Peter and Pro Credit Repair LLC to anyone in need of credit score improvement!

Kenneth Cowan

Peter was our Credit Consultant and he did an excellent job! He helped break down our credit reports into easy to understand terminology and walked us through our strengths and weaknesses. He was able to make targeted recommendations to get us to our goals. Best of all, he was very open and honest about costs and put himself in our shoes before making any recommendations, which we really appreciated. I strongly recommend using Peter if you are looking for assistance in rebuilding or fine tuning your credit history. He's truly a pleasure to work with.

Jason Dompeling

Peter is definitely the guy to go to for any credit issues. I had an outstanding problem with my credit that prevented me from qualifying for a home mortgage. I was referred to Peter and he knew exactly what to do and eventually got my score bumped up 90 points. Peter was extremely professional to work with and very patient working with me. I wouldn't recommend anyone else but him for resolving credit problems.


Peter is a miracle worker! He patiently explained the process, thoroughly researched my credit report and was clear in what he would need from me. He boosted my score by 80 points in 2 weeks! It is saving us major $$ on our mortgage. I recommend him without reservation.

Katie England

Peter helped my husband and I remove some incorrect items from our credit report, it was quick and simple. Peter also took the time to help repair and improve a few other items on there, increasing our score by 57 point in 30 days! It helped us to get a much lower interest rate when buying our second home! Peter was very pleasant to interact with and had quick responses. I was very hesitant to use this service, because most people say you can do it yourself. It would have taken me 6 month at the least to do what Peter did in 30 days! I would recommend Peter to anyone! So Thankful for him!

Heidi Milby

I want to take the time to let you know how great Peter at Pro Credit Repair LLC is. I had problems getting qualified for a home loan all because of my credit score. He got it taken care of in the 60-90 days he had told me it would take. He saved me so much money in the long run so the investment I put into fixing this problem was well worth it. I highly recommend Pro Credit Repair LLC. Thanks again!

Scott Kirk

Peter worked magic to raise my credit scores. My wife and I are buying a home a needed our credit scores to rise so that we could obtain the best mortgage rates and the lowest costs for PMI. Peter guaranteed that he could raise our scores by a specified amount or otherwise we wouldn't have to pay. I couldn't have imagined how much help Peter's services could have offered. We were simply amazed at the cost savings that will be incurred with the purchase of our new home. Our savings more than paid for the modest fees Peter charged us. He was very professional throughout the process.

Michael T Dentzer

A friend referred me to Peter to help me get a little boost in my credit score. I could not have been happier with his service. He communicated with me at various times through the process and answered all of my questions. He was able to remove just about every bad mark on my report and wound up exceeding my expectations. In the end doubled the increase in score that we thought was possible. Could not recommend his service more.


I got into financial trouble a few years ago, and even though I'd paid off most of my debt, I was still getting calls and letters from collection agencies. A friend referred me to Peter, and I could not be happier with his service! Peter laid out a plan, and gave me updates throughout the process. He just took care of everything - it was such a relief not having to worry about how to tackle this issue. In the end, he got nearly every negative mark removed from my credit report. My score has jumped significantly, and the embarrassing calls from creditors have stopped. I was skeptical of a credit repair service at first, but am so glad that I trusted Peter to handle this for me. I would absolutely recommend his service to anyone looking to improve their credit standing.

John Alexander

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you my success story. After working with Pro Credit Repair LLC (Peter) I raised my score substantially. I had purchased a new car in January, and the rate I received was far less than desirable. In fact I am embarrassed to say but I almost did not even qualify on my own for an auto loan. In just a few short weeks (under a month) after hiring Peter I was surprised at the credit rating I had achieved. I took the car into the dealership for a refinance on my loan (which was high teens) and actually walked out with a 0% finance on a brand new top of the line same model and year car which I am glad to say even cut my payment by $100.00 a month from what I was paying. The salesman at the dealership (Ron at Pugi Hyundai) was so impressed he too took Pro Credit Repair LLC's phone number to use them for himself. I went from a low 600 up to 704 in roughly 3 weeks. I especially like the fact that it was a performance based pay. Everyone I know should call Peter before buying a car or getting a home loan (which is the primary reason I went here). Thank you Peter, without Pro Credit Repair LLC I would be stuck paying high rates and unable to qualify for a home loan, and because I saved that $1,200.00 a year I can apply that to my mortgage.


After finding my perfect house, I was told that my credit score had dropped unexpectedly to just below where I needed it at to get my loan. I talked to Peter and within 2 weeks he cleaned up my credit and my score jumped over 120 points. His knowledge, efficiency, and speed are the reason I'm able to buy my house. I couldn't be happier with the service and professionalism I received. I highly recommend Peter and Pro Credit Repair LLC to anyone who needs credit help.